Earlier I wrote about a program called FileMove that can automatically moves files for you at scheduled times. This can be useful for many reasons, especially for people who work in IT.

Automatically moving files is useful for some, but automatically deleting files can be useful for anyone. If you could automatically delete files, you could use it to delete temp files, temporary Internet files, old backups, old log files, and lots more.

Cyber-D’s Auto Delete is a cool program that works on Windows XP and Vista which lets you automatically delete files that are older than a specified time.

automatically delete files

The program is very straight-forward and easy to use. Once you run it, click Add to add a new target folder. Choose the folder you want to monitor for old files. Note that you can add as many folder as you like and each can have their own set of options.

Under Filter, you can choose what you want to delete or what you don’t want to delete. In the drop down, you can choose No Filter, Only delete, or Do not delete.

In the right hand box, you can then type in any file extension or use *.* for all files. So as you can see above, I want to delete only files that end with a .DB extension. You can also add multiple filters, so you can delete only files ending in .XLS or .DOC, etc.

For Delete files older than, you can choose a value from 1 day to 1 year. I wish this option had been a text box rather than a drop down box, so I could type in 50 days if I wanted to, but for most peoples purposes, it should be fine.

delete old files automatically

You can also include subfolders as an option or just the one folder you chose. If you check the box next to Recycle files then when a file is deleted, it will go to the Recycle Bin first. If it’s not checked, it will be permanently deleted. To be safe, I would make sure to check it.

Secure delete files will delete the files and then overwrite that section with blank data. This will make recovering the file impossible by using disk recovery tools. Again, be careful with this option.


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